Coca Cola Icecek Jobs 2023 - Coca Cola Company Jobs in Pakistan


Coca Cola Icecek Jobs 2023 - Coca Cola Company Jobs in Pakistan

Coca Cola Icecek Jobs 2023 - Coca Cola Company Jobs in Pakistan

Organization: Coca Cola Icecek

Position: Health and Safety Technician

Location: Multan, PK

Job Identification: HS Technician MGF

Mission Statement: To improve on ground health and safety protocols.
Main Responsibilities: This position is responsible for Monitoring of daily activities and work to be done in terms of Health and Safety throughout the operation of factory. Doing routine field checks, inspections and the identification and reporting of conditions with respect to H&S and follow up on the action to correct and improve the working conditions.

Candidate Education: Diploma Associate Engineering or Bachelor’s Degree. IOSH Certification.
Experience : 2yrs Apply

Position: Field Sales Executive

Location: Gujranwala, PK

Job Identification: Field Sales Executive

Mission Statement: To develop the market in order to increase Market Share, enhance Numeric & Weighted Availability alongwith Share within the outlet by achieving secondary sales target while ensuring the maximum availability of the company’s product, creation & re-activation of outlets that exist in marketplace, execution in every outlet as per company guidelines and act as a guardian of the company assets deployed in the market

Main Responsibilities

  • Ensure Secondary volume achievement vs assigned targets through his assigned team (Preseller / Merchandiser / HotSeller etc) to enhance Market Share
  • Discuss RED Scores by outlets with Presellers on daily basis & highlight gaps to ensure In-Outlet Execution being carried out by his team as per PicOS & RED criteria and all marketing initiatives in his area
  • Create new outlets and retained as per target and area potential to increase Numeric & Weighted distribution
  • Expand SKU Penetration as per benchmark availability numbers
  • To ensure that basic business indicators ((annually revised business targets table (KPI), Cooler KPIs etc), consistent with company strategies, follow the realized and budgeted difference, take the necessary actions
  • Accomplish his daily Planned calls, spend ample time-in-market and coach his presellers (On Job Training) on RTM / 10 step call process etc
  • Ensure that all type of Master data in the sales information systems pertaining to his/her area is cleansed, validated and updated on a regular basis
  • Analyze SFE KPI’s and get the area route modified or adjust frequencies to improve Green KPIs for Preseller through RTM Executives
  • Supervise/ensure the proper injection and optimal utilization of Company’s Assets in the market i.e. Coolers, Glass, Shell, Signage, Outlet Activation material etc
  • Maintain customer collaboration and relationship with all the customers in his/her area to ensure and address proper & timely handling of customer complaints that they remain loyal
  • Responsible for inducting new Preseller on Distributor Payroll under his domain, training and developing Presellers and Delivery teams as per CCI standards
  • On-Ground Implementation of New System related Initiatives and ensuring all type of process compliances as defined by the company
  • Monitor and report competitor activity in his/her assigned area, notify his manager and suggest ways to counter them

Candidate Education: Bachelor’s Degree, however, Master’s will be preferred Apply

Position: Forklift Operator

Location: Hattar / Haripur (KPGF) Khyber, PK

Mission Statement: Responsible to operate the designated forklift in safe, cost effective and to ensure smooth activities either Liquid Or Empty loading / unloading operation in his shift at his respective location

Main Responsibilities

  • Before start driving properly hand over and take over Fork lift.
  • Ensure proper & timely preventive maintenance and its service etc.
  • Operate forklift in secure way that product/ Empty wastages may be reduced.
  • Follow instructions of concerned supervisors in field for smooth warehouse operation.
  • Follow instructions of concerned supervisors for stacking / lifting of empties & full goods in warehouses.
  • Follow safety standards as per company guidelines.
  • If performing duty on production lines ensure availability of identified empty for production and lifting / stacking of product from lines as per instructions of concerned WH officer.
  • If performing duty in Loading, follow instructions as per supervisor for FEFO implementation while loading of all types of vehicles.
  • To ensure recording of Hours meter after change of every LPG cylinder during his shift.
  • To ensure parking of FLT at safe / designated area to avoid any incident.
  • Implementation of Quality, Food Safety and HSE management system

Candidate Education: Secondary or Higher

Valid Driving License Apply

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