What Crypto com has Just HIDDEN about Shiba In Coin & Then PUBLICIZED!

 What Crypto com has Just HIDDEN about Shiba Inu Coin & Then PUBLICIZED!

What Crypto com has Just HIDDEN about Shiba Inu Coin And Then PUBLICIZED! Why SHIB Will Reach 0.50!

Why SHIB Will Reach 0.50!

Crypto.com Adds Shiba Inu Token to DeFi Wallet Along With 6 Other Cryptocurrencies.Today we are going to talk all about what Crypto.com just did with shib and why shib.might explode in near future.So watch this video till the end because today’s video is going to be a bomb.

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Before we get to our topic, let’s take a look at the chart and see what the price of

SHIBA is doing on 26th of March, shall we?

On the daily chart, the SHIB price remains pressured near the descending trend line,which is extending from the highs of $0.000035 highs made on February 7.The bearish slopping line acts as a strong upside barrier for the price.This also coincides with the crucial 50-day SMA.Thus, making $0.000025 a crucial level to trade.

A daily acceptance above the mentioned level will hint at the buying interest among investors.

In that scenario, more gains are expected in the coming few sessions toward the ultimate target at $0.000035.However, before that milestone, SHIB price must break a few upside filters to take out the final target.The first resistance is found at the $0.000028 level horizontal resistance level followed by the highs of February 17 at $0.000032.

On the flip side, a failure to move beyond the bearish trend line would mean bulls are not convinced or willing to extend the gains further.A shift in the bullish sentiment might result in re-testing of the support near $0.000022.Now let’s get back to the topic.

DeFi wallet is a non-custodial wallet that gives users access to a full suite of DeFi services in one place.This wallet enables Crypto.com users to easily manage 100+ coins, including BTC, ETH, CRO,TOM, DOT, LTC, and other ERC20 tokens.Crypto.com defi wallet users can earn interest on 35+ tokens with Yearn Earn V2, Compound,Aave, Crypto.org Chain Staking, and Cosmos Staking with No lock-up term and great returns.

Readers should note that Crypto.com DeFi Wallet listings are separated from Crypto.com App and Exchange Listings.

Previous year on May 9th, 2021, Crypto.com declared the listing of the Shiba Inu token to its App, which has enabled users to purchase SHIB with USD, EUR, GBP, and 20+ fiat currencies,along with spending it at over 60M merchants globally using the Crypto.com Visa Card.

Crypto.com is one of the leading exchanges that currently support more than 250 currencies for spot trading, with a subset supported for staking.

The exchange serves over 10 million customers worldwide residing in 90 countries with a unique suite of cryptocurrency-related financial products.

Crypto.com is considered one of the best platforms for active traders, especially those who want to use crypto as an actual currency rather than buy and hold.

Another good news is that Shiba Inu price readies to breakout after 1 billion SHIB burned today Shiba Inu price could recover from the recent drop in price as the community and merchants send SHIB to the burn pot.

Over 1.02 billion SHIB tokens were burnt in a 24-hour period on March 22, 2022.

Shiba Inu price primed for a big move Shiba Inu price has posted 8% gains over the past week, as the supply of the meme coin under circulation continues to shrink.

Within 24 hours on March 22, 2022 over 1.02 billion SHIB tokens were sent to dead wallets and pulled out of circulation.

An additional 244.5 million Shiba Inu tokens were sent to the mid-April burn pot, further reducing the meme coin supply.

NOWPayments, a cryptocurrency payment gateway, has introduced a new feature to allow merchants to burn a portion of their profits in Shiba Inu.

Merchants using the payment gateway can choose a percentage markup for burning tokens; once NOWPayments calculates the specific amount of Shiba Inu tokens, they are automatically sent to a dead wallet.

The Shiba Inu tokens that were pulled out of circulation are sent to “inferno” wallets, as a commitment to reduce the SHIB supply in circulation and increase the value of the circulating supply.

Over 411 transactions, over 1.02 billion SHIB tokens were destroyed, the equivalent of $24,296.

A total of 410 trillion Shiba Inu tokens, worth $9.6 billion have been burned till date.

Analysts have evaluated the Shiba Inu price trend and predicted a breakout in the meme coin. FXStreet analysts predict a 30% spike in Shiba Inu price, though the meme coin lags behind.

Analysts note that the Shiba Inu price chart reveals that the Dogecoin-killer is ready to test $0.000026.

As the Ichimoku cloud ahead is thin, analysts argue there is not a lot of resistance ahead,and Shiba Inu could break into an uptrend.

Data shared by WhaleStats shows that several hours ago, SHIB again got on the list of the favorite crypto assets of the largest 100 Ethereum investors.

What Crypto com has Just HIDDEN about Shiba Inu Coin And Then PUBLICIZED! Why SHIB Will Reach 0.50!

SHIB is the biggest token by USD value The tweet has it that the second most popular meme coin is among the top 10 coins that these ETH whales are after.

By now, however, SHIB has been pushed back from the position of the token with the largest USD value by FTX Token (FTT) and it is now second after it on the list and third after Ethereum.

According to the webiste of WhaleStats, the 100 biggest whales on the Ethereum blockchain now hold a total of $1,279,594,890 worth of SHIB.

This stands for 56,344,997,357,992 tokens or 14.47 percent of these whales comprised


Earlier this year, it was reported that top 9 Ethereum whale “Gimli” (called after

the dwarf character of the iconic fantasy novel “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R.

Tolkien) several times acquired large amounts of Shiba Inu – 50 billion tokens or more.

On March 3, “Gimli” purchased almost half a trillion Shiba Inu – a whopping 442,637,867,858 tokens which back then equaled $11,561,701.

However, by now, the whale, according to the WhaleStats page dedicated to his crypto riches, holds zero meme coins.

But he has purchased a total of 300,290 of the trending ApeCoin (APE) worth a comprised $4,020,087.

Several other whales have also bought large lumps of this cryptocurrency – 600,000 APE worth roughly $8.4 million.

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What Crypto com has Just HIDDEN about Shiba Inu Coin And Then PUBLICIZED! Why SHIB Will Reach 0.50!

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